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Doc2U is a French company based in Toulouse since September 2020. It was born from the meeting of 2 doctors and 2 engineers.

They are convinced that e-health and telemedicine in general are an answer to the French health system that can be replicated in other systems. They have started to imagine what the remote general medicine consultation could be.

Already in 2018, teleconsultation was starting to become common law in France (September) but very quickly they could project themselves and realize that the biggest limitation was to examine the patient at a distance.

The 2 fundamentals of Doc2U are to help the general practitioner, in the first place, to manage his time, the distances while providing a service where the medical quality is present.

The doctor must find in the Doc2U device everything he finds in his office. The device allows for the measurement of several constants: temperature, heart rate, saturation, blood pressure. It also allows a more advanced auscultation thanks to an otoscope and a stethoscope.

The patient’s meeting with his doctor is done by videoconference. The patient can measure all vitals independently or with the help of a caregiver or nurse. The doctor has at his disposal indicators that allow him to verify that the vitals taken are reliable.

The device is made available to the patient free of charge through the pharmacist or nurse.

Doc2U is in the diagnostic and home care part of the health continuum. They are moving towards prevention.

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