Our Methodological Approach

150SoH is Europe’s First Top 150 Digital Health Disruption Radar


Our value proposition:  

Our team of senior experts have built a composite index to score the disruption value of a digital solution use-case or scenario in the daily health practice



We assess digital solutions thanks to 150SoH composite index.


Our index is based on a set of criteria derived from the Balanced Scorecard approach.

We score 5 dimensions:


Our expert team is reviewing the preselected digital solutions with a set of 35 points of measure, based on a set of interviews, documents research and analysis.


The 150SoH composite index is summing up the use-case results within five dimensions, informing qualitative and quantitative indicators.


  • The financial dimension relies upon accounting indicators, investment consideration as well as go to market, etc.

  • The process dimension focuses on indicators linked to the medical practice such as flexibility, data management or decision support, etc.

  • The innovation dimension measures the technical readiness level

  • The patient dimension concentrates on training, security, the acceptability of the digital solution, etc.

  • The healthcare professional dimension focuses on coordination, training and parametrization, etc.


Each dimension is aggregated into the 150SoH composite index and displayed on the disruption radar.

Depending on the context, we score four to five dimensions (e.g. some apps or devices are patients only, with no relevance to score the carer dimension).


The facts and figures presented are updated yearly.