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Expert crew

e-Health innovators need help from Experts to stand out and find their market.​

Professionals in e-Health need help from Experts to identify valuable solutions.​

Training & Certification​


A 1-day unmissable module* for professionals who want to master the fundamental elements of e-health

  • From Digital in Health to Digital Health​
  • The economic reality​
  • Understanding innovation​
  • Transforming processes​
  • The impact on professionals​
  • The impact on patients ​

* Also available as a standalone training course

The​ 150SoH Framework

A 3-day module to master the 150SoH methodology, tools and practices​

  • Labelling and certification method​
  • The certification process​
  • Assessing the disruption potential​
  • Measuring the company sustainability​
  • Measuring the level of innovation​
  • Evaluate the impact on existing processes​
  • Evaluate the reception by professionals​
  • Evaluate the reception by patients​


A 1-day module of hands-on practice​

  • Study of a real-life case​
  • Production of a 150SoH Scorecard​
  • Debriefing​

What’s in it for you ?

A certification as a recognized expert in e-health. Access to exclusive tools and methods to assess the disruption potential of an e-health solution and deliver a disruption scorecard. ​

Gives you and your activity local and international visibility
Improves your competitive position on your market​
Uncovers market opportunities for your e-health activities​
Gives you access to a wealth of knowledge in ​
Makes you a member of an elite e-health network​

Sessions coming up:

  • Monday 03/06/2024 to Friday 07/06/2024

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