A website to check if a medicine can be risky in case you show COVID-19 symptoms


The French Network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers, the hospital-university of Bordeaux Pharmacology Department and the Synapse startup have launched a website intended to the general public. The patient can obtain an answer about the risks of self-medication in case of COVID-19 symptoms. Indeed, some medications can worsen the symptoms.

The website must be used only in case you have COVID-19 symptoms (listed on the website).

This website allows to reduce the number of calls to medical emergencies (15) in France and similarly reduces the volume of calls to family doctors.

To check if a medicine may worsen the symptoms, you just need to enter the medicine name and answer two questions:

  • « Was this medicine prescribed by a doctor? »
  • « Do you take this treatment daily – or most of the time – for a chronic disease? »

The website informs you wheter the medicine can potentially worsen your symptoms (in red) or if it is safe (in green).

You can find the website and the entire information here: http://www.covid19-medicaments.com