Telemedicine in Belgium: The healthcare administration takes decisions


The Belgian authorities adapted the nomenclature system in order to introduce telemedicine in the list of medical acts reimbursed by social security.

Teleconsultations can be billed under the third-party payment system and the tariff is 20€ (total reimbursement by the social security).

Code 101990 stands for “advice towards a COVID-19 triage”, that is telephone-based triage. The physician explores the patient’s medical history and reports the contact in his/her EHR (electronic health record). This code is available one time for any patient.

Code 101135 stands for “advice towards continuity of care”, that is the exploration of the medical condition for a patient who is already under treatment and who cannot meet face-to-face with his/her physician. The use of this code is not limited to COVID-19 condition. The medical consultation can take place either by phone or by a video-call system. The physician must report the contact with the patient in his/her EHR. This code is available once every 7 days for any patient.

Both codes cannot be used on the same day for a patient.

All EHR companies that have an activity in Belgium do everything possible in order in incorporate these codes in their respective programs.

A Royal Decree has been published on March 18 and enters into force on March 14. The full text is available here: