City of Leuven launches ‘Leuven Helpt’: central platform for corona aid


Vulnerable groups of people aswell as the care givers have a certain number of needs. In the same time, many people want to help as volunteers. So mayor Mohamed Ridouani launched the Leuven Helpt central platform. You can help with answer to a certain number of requests : offer medical supplies, ICT equipment, shopping for a neighbour, walking the dog, having a phone call with an older person staying at home or in a rest home without visitors. The city of Leuven has joined forces with partners such as the healthcare sector and the university and has set up Leuven Helpt, in collaboration with Give A Day.

On all questions are bundled and you can easily see how you can contribute as a volunteer. People who need help can ask their questions discreetly. This can also be done by calling 016/27 27 72.

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