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COVID-19: Higher costs for Belgian hospitals

The “Journal du Médecin” reports the possible impact of COVID-19 epidemic on Belgian hospitals. They communicated with Belgian hospital Federations and reported Santhea’s list of extra costs for hospitals. This […]

Telemedicine solutions available in France

The Ministry of Health has listed all telemedicine solutions available for French patients and healthcare professionals. It helps diagnosis and follow-up of patients at distance. General information about telemedicine is […]

Alibaba: A handbook to manage COVID-19

The Zheijianf University School of Medicine developed together with Alibaba Foundation a handbook that is available online for free. As reported by Alibaba on its website “This handbook compared and […]

A tool to understand the importance of social distancing

If you want to understand the impact of daily contact with other individuals, we invite you to check out the tool reported by David Louapre, a French physician. This tool […]

A website to check if a medicine can be risky in case you show COVID-19 symptoms

The French Network of Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers, the hospital-university of Bordeaux Pharmacology Department and the Synapse startup have launched a website intended to the general public. The patient can obtain […]

University Hospital of Bordeaux: At the heart of the emergency room

The University hospital of Pellegrin in Bordeaux (France) takes care of seriously ill COVID-19 patients. Those patients are currently fighting for their lives in intensive care units. The website 20minutes.fr […]

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