The solution

Andaman7 offers a personal health record in the patient’s pocket. Patient can access to his medical data as long as hospitals and healthcare professionals make those data available. The solution is also designed to enhance the efficiency of clinical studies by collecting PROMS (Patient Reported Outcomes) and thus to let room for the collection of real-world data.  

Data security is guaranteed due to phone-based storage. The app is available in 22 languages, is GDPR, HIPAA, GCP and 21 CFR part 11 compliant (FDA) and is free for patients.  

Andaman7 developed a pandemic module in order to address healthcare professional and population needs. The main features include 

  • Trusted sources to provide information to patients 
  • Triage  
  • Self-test  
  • Data collection (real-world data; identified or anonymized ones) 
  • Connection with urgent clinical trials 

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Andaman7 app can be useful at different points of the healthcare continuum during the COVID-19 crisis. It can provide trusted information to patients and thus avoid the risk of health care networks fake news to spread. Patients can receive notifications when new information is available. The app can be useful during triage, to the extent that patients can fill a questionnaire that can be sent to the hospital, the physician or a call center to orient the patient. The app can also provide self-test to check patient’s symptoms regularly. Finally, the app can fasten the data collection regarding urgent clinical trials.  

You can find all the details here.


Target group

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patients  
  • Hospitals  
  • CRO