Co4Covid-19 – Dedalus


The solution

The Covid-19 health crisis has provided the opportunity for Dedalus to launch its Co4Covid-19 application, enabling complete management of the patient workflow, from the diagnosis to outpatient aftercare.

This application is aimed at citizens, healthcare institutions and organizations.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic? :

Co4Covid-19 features enable users:

  • To pre-screen the population and answer any questions
  • To relieve medical practices and hospitals whilst reducing the number of calls to emergency services
  • To follow the spread of the virus by having a precise epidemiological overview at the territorial scale
  • To optimize ambulatory follow-up for a patient testing positive to Covid-19

It is a WebApp coupled with a triage solution. Its purpose is to optimize the patient workflow planning phase and screening tests, and to inform citizens of the responsible behaviors to adopt after answering a self-assessment questionnaire on symptoms. The data collected will assist in the patient “pre-sorting” process.

The data can be shown in dashboards for a complete epidemiological overview at both the territorial and the national level. This will allow the State to access precise epidemiological data and more detailed information, to support optimal decision-making.

In addition, to support caring staff, the Quarness mobile application complete the Co4Covid-19 application.
Quarness ensures improved communication between emergency and resuscitation clinicians, by easing information flows and simplifying access to data through messages and alerts.

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Target groups

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Hospitals
  • Patients
  • The authorities