The solution

Covidom is an app developed by the APHP (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris) and Nouveal eSanté that aims to telemonitor patients at home. The doctor must include his patient in the Covidom process (by encoding medical and administrative data).  

The patient answers a digital questionnaire daily via a mobile app available on the app stores. Depending on the patient’s answers, the app can trigger alerts and directly contact the medial team if necessary. The Covidom process is supported by a medical telemonitoring center that manages the alerts.  

The app is already used in Brichat Hospital (Paris), Pitié Salpétrière Hospital (Paris), and University hospital of Lille. The objective is to expand its current use 

The main features include: 

  • Education support 
  • Medical data collection  
  • Alerts management  
  • Administrative and medical information (ongoing treatment for example)  

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Covidom can help to watch patients that are healthy carriers or sick patients who don’t need to go to the hospital. It contributes to reduce the hospital workload and diminishes the risk of contamination in a containment setting 

Target group

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Patients
  • Hospitals