The solution

Cults is a community marketplace linking 3D model creators and people willing to print three 3D models.

Cults is useful for each individual using a 3D printer in need of premium or original doing yourself creations.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

This collection has been gathered to help all the community members to access 3D models that can be used against COVID-19. People willing to share their models can upload them and people looking for models can download them free of charge. To date 122 models are posted (03/24/2020) including masks, facial screen, venturi valve for respirator, …

Related models can be found directly from the home page or via #3DvsCOVID19. You just need to register (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google …) and download/upload.

Target group

  • 3D printer owner or user with 3D printer access