The solution

Doctolib offers video consultation services with electronic payment and prescriptions send by email.  

Doctolib provides a free mobile app to allow patients to schedule an online appointment with a physician. The patient can research the database (by name, geographically and by specialty) to select a practitioner and identify available slots to schedule a consultation at distance.  

The main features include: 

  • Online agenda 
  • Online appointment booking and appointment management (call back, no show follow-up) 
  • Communication with patients (automatic SMS and emails)
  • Video consultation (temporarily free in France during the COVID-19 epidemic) 
  • Electronic payment 
  • Prescription sent by email 

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Doctolib allows remote consultation and diagnosis. It limits travels and favors videoconference instead of face to face contact with physicians. The patient can quickly find an available practitioner to meet online.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Doctolib offers the video-consultation services for free. The service is available in France.  

Target group

  • Patients 
  • Healthcare professionals