Epidemic Protect


The solution

Epidemic Protect is a mobile app dedicated to epidemy management. The app is developed by Kayla health with the support of Jean-François Masse and the emergency doctor, Arnaud Depil-Duval 

Epidemic Protect offers three main features: 

  • Auto-diagnosis (simple questions regarding the symptoms)  
  • Contact details of the relevant medical services in case of suspected infection  
  • Advice and information for the general public about the right things to do 

Epidemic Protect is now available on any internet browser and on app store.  

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Epidemic Protect can be useful to display verified and authentic information about the epidemic itself and the right things to do. It can be used as a point of reference that prevent citizens and patients to read fake news on social media. It can also act as a tool for monitoring symptoms and act according to a defined procedure.  

Target group

  • Citizens  
  • Patients 
  • Healthcare professionals