The solution is a website providing various medical resources including a section related to COVID-19. Webinar, documents, TV, and other medical resources are produce by a large delegation of international expert faculty members and up to date with original scientific and educational programs ensure.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Live sessions have been organized around COVID-19 topics, including : 

COVID_19 Marathon 

In order to strengthen the efforts of our international community and network of intensive care professionals in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESICM will be holding a live, international COVID-19 Marathon Webinar.  

The webinar will be seven hours of continuous discussions, presentations and Q&A with international experts and guest speakers, exchanging the latest news, best practices, discussing the current situation, and sharing their advice and experience of the Coronavirus and other pandemics. 

How to ventilate in COVID-19 

This week’s COVID-19 webinar brings together two experts in respiratory failure, advanced mechanical ventilation, non-invasive lung imaging and monitoring, who will discuss how best to ventilate COVID-19 patients. 

Target group

  • Healthcare professionals