itsme – Digital ID


The solution

itsme – the digital identity of 1,7 million Belgians.

itsme has developed 4 strong enablers to digitise or optimise every process where identification, authentication, confirmation and/or signing is key.

The services are compliant with GDPR, ISO27001-certified, an eIDAS’ Qualified Trust Service Providers that offers a Qualified Electronic Signature and an identification mean recognized at Level of Assurance “high” for Belgian identities.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

itsme offers a secure and easy way to

  • identify any Belgian into applications or solutions
  • authenticate users to be sure you give access to the right person
  • sign documents online

Target group

  • Patients 
  • Healthcare professionals 
  • Hospitals
  • Family members
  • The authorities