Know your patient


The solution

In the context of health crisis management, the Resah (purchasing centre in France) has referenced a simplified version of Jouve’s “Know Your Patient” solution, which aims to simplify and secure patient admission to hospital entrance offices.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

The solution works via a technology platform integrated with the hospital website to facilitate the remote collection of documents and information requested for admission.

The solution allows patients unable to postpone their appointments, to make their administrative procedure remotely: i.e. a deposit of the documents (identity card, vital card and insurance card) and the transmission of certain information essential to their care. The patient will then be invited to go directly to the care department without going through the administrative reception of the institution.

The dedicated health method integrates Jouve’s artificial intelligence technology on image recognition applied to identity documents, Vitale card and insurance certificates.

Target groups

  • Hospitals admin
  • Patients