The solution

moveUP offers a remote rehabilitation program for post THR/TKR procedures (hip and knee replacement) thanks to a mobile app and an activity tracker. The patient can do all the rehabilitation program from home and his evolution can be monitored by the care team at distance. The intensity of the exercises is lower than the classical medical care (several 5-min sessions instead of one 30-min session all at once), which reduces the risk of inflammation. The rehabilitation is designed by healthcare professional and is automatically adapted to the patient’s lifestyle.  

The main features include: 

  • A mobile app that contains:
    • Videos of the exercises 
    • Chat (asynchronous communication)
    • Pain management (treatment and feedback) 
    • Verified information about THR and TKR procedures  
  • An activity tracker 
  • A dashboard for healthcare professionals 

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Given that hospitals have decided to cancel all rehabilitation activities in order to limit the risk of contamination from COVID-19, moveUP appears to be a relevant solution in order to continue rehabilitation at distance and avoid unpleasant consequences related the absence of medical care.

Target group

  • Healthcare professionals (especially surgeons and physiotherapists)
  • Patients