NanoHack – Copper3D


The solution

Cooper3D released an open-source STL file of a N95 mask 3D printable. The company is now searching for medical validation of the product.

This 3D printed mask (N95 model) should be able to filter 95% of particles present in the air (that is more than a disposable mask).

Cooper 3D stands that its mask is reusable, modular, washable, recyclable and affordable.

The printing of a mask is a somewhat long process (around two hours). The provision of the STL file can let room for an international network of 3D printing players working together.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Cooper3D can help healthcare professional to protect themselves against the virus.

The 3D printed technology is probably less efficient than a traditional production method but can be very useful in the current mask shortage environment. As mentionned by Copper3D on social media, NanoHack is a last resort device (open source design of a concept model), not a final design and is not meant to be printed in order to be sold. The 2.0 version is to be released very soon

Target group

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare professionals