The solution

Nap&Up focuses on micro-naps in companies. The solution can also be used in hospitals in order to allow healthcare professionals to rest quietly for a few minutes during long working periods.  

Nap&Up develops a cocoon that can be installed in five minutes. The cocoon is equipped with an audio device that allows the professional to benefit from guided resting time for a short moment. The system wakes the worker up at the appropriate time.  

Nap&Up also developed a program that includes awareness-raising workshops and conferences regarding micro-nap practice.  

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Nap&Up solution can help healthcare professional to find a peaceful moment of rest during their shift. That can reduce risk of human error due to fatigue and exhaustion 

In this time of sanitary crisis, Nap&Up developed a mobile app that offer hundreds of guided micro-nap sessions. This digital solution is now free for French hospitals.  

Target group

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Hospitals