Orthanc Server (Osimis)


The solution

Orthanc is an open-source medical imaging server. It allows to store and view medical imaging in a simple way. The server is used by  numerous industrials in medical imaging. Lify is an Orthanc-based platform dedicated to hospitals.

The main feature include:

  • The secure exchange of medical imaging results between care institutions and with AI providers
  • The provision of medical imaging results for tele-radiologists
  • Record management

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Option 1: Creating an Orthanc plugin COVID-19 Gateway so that researchers can develop solutions on this basis. This type of project needs financing and clinicians to collaborate to data collection
  • Option 2: Establish an Orthanc cloud-based server in order to access images from any hospital. This could allow for the creation of a radiology reference center where experts could focus on COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Option 3: The Lify Platform could act as a “rescue PACS” and allow radiologists to access images from home. One hospital in Luxembourg will opt for this solution.

Target groups

  • Hospitals