Play it safe


The solution

Play it safe is a game-based learning platform that focuses on training company’s personnel on six different domains: fire prevention, first aid, ergonomics, general safety, psychosocial and hygiene. The platform is available either online or on a mobile app. Play it safe is a joint initiative of IMEC, Sart IT (KBC), Sirris, Microsoft, Bryo and the Flanders Region.  

Play it safe created a “Corona Prevention Game” that acts as a mean of prevention for the general public. The game is available in French, Dutch and English. Once you have created your character, the adventure begins!

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

This tool can be very useful in raising awareness of the general public about how to behave in a situation of pandemic in order to guarantee the safety of oneself as well as others.  

Target group

  • General public