Soline – Home based


The solution

The Soline box developped by Home Based is an assistant that allows seniors or persons with reduced mobility to command devices at distance (phone, television, call the a nurse, music, radio, audio books, etc.)

Soline can be voice activated or controlled via a graphic interface or push buttons. The graphic interface can be accessed from a tablet, smartphone, computer, the weelchair joystick, the look, etc.

The system is also able to manage lighting, door opening, shutters, medical bed, etc. All these equipments can be actioned without any physical contact.

The solution has already been tested in hospitals, rest homes and in patients’ homes. The tests have shown

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Soline can help patients to be autonomous for several daily activities, thereby discharging the burden on healthcare professionals and family caregivers and reducing the need for physical contacts.

Target groups

  • Hospitals
  • Rest homes
  • Insitutions that care for persons with disabilities