The solution

Syndo offers telemonitoring and coaching for chronic patients. The app allows to the daily follow-up of patients (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, physical activity) and triggers an alert in case of threshold overrun. 

The application can help patients to manage their chronic condition better: better medication adherence, adapted nutrition, appropriate physical activity, reduction of stress…

The main features include: 

  • Monitoring using 3 devices (balance, tensiometer and activity tracker) 
  • Coaching within the application 
  • Support by a personal coach 

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

Syndo offers their program for free to each new patient until the end of the crisis. Cardiologists and general practitioners also have free access to the healthcare professional dashboard on order to monitor the patient’s health status.   

Many patients see their consultation postponed in order to limit the propagation of the epidemic. The solution can reduce the workload of cardiologists and nurses. Coaches-nurses are available for each new patient to remotely monitor health parameters, disseminate the right information to users, reassure them and ensure that they continue their treatment despite these changes. 

Target group

  • Patients 
  • Healthcare professionals