Consult Station – H4D


The solution

H4D was founded by a doctor, Franck Baudino, in 2008 to develop the Consult Station®, the first reliable, secure and connected medical booth for remote examinations. H4D has developed proprietary and certified technology, operational expertise and leadership in clinical telemedicine to offer a complete service to patients and providers alike. We have conducted several thousand teleconsultations and independent environments across corporate, government and healthcare settings and have deployed the Consult Station® solution in 5 continents.

How can it help to manage the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Consult Station® on the front line against the Covid-19!
H4D joins the national effort by proposing the deployment of its connected medical booth within 24 hours. In the current epidemic context, the challenges are to manage the physical flows of patients in hospitals and emergencies services or to guarantee the continuum of care locally in order to relieve saturated emergencies.

Target groups

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Hospitals
  • Patients
  • The authorities