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Bingli is a Belgian chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to prepare patients for a medical visit. The  Bingli platform asks 70 to 80% of the questions a doctor would ask. This gives the patient the opportunity to take the time to think about answering the questions.

The second important point is that the information gathered during the interview is coded and structured. The doctor can then copy it and insert it in the patient’s medical file.

The last point to highlight is that based on the interview, it is possible to make a differential diagnosis with an accuracy of 90%. Among the pre-diagnosis tools, the score produced by Bingli is the best in the world.

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Context and Need

Facts and Figures

Team and Inner Circle

Digital Solution

Value Proposition

Business Development

Use Case at a Glance

Redaction : Martine Vanschoor

Scientific direction : Thierry Vermeeren

Reading committee : Martine Vanschoor

Layout and graphics : Véronique Toussaint, David Renquet

Date of publication : July 2021