DermaDetect is AI-driven software that enables remote diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The technology mimics the way the dermatologist works: analyze, diagnose and treat. The system helps healthcare providers grow the efficiency of their workflow and the profitability of their clinic while significantly improving patient care. DermaDetect is an holistic solution: from asking for help to receiving the treatment. The patient delivers the info, the physician checks and the answer is delivered to the patient with the treatment. In 7-10 days the patient will get a follow-up visit to make sure that the treatment works. However, DermaDetect is very careful about its communication because when there is a sensitive diagnosis, the patient is immediately invited to visit a clinic.

Based on intelligent software, the platform integrates easily with existing systems, is easy to use and accessible 24/7, and has an attractive pay-per-usage pricing model.

The company is rolling out its automated skin diagnosis application across the entire Maccabi Health Services network, one of the largest HMOs in Israel.

DermaDetect‘s FDA/CE-cleared platform serves more than 2.5 million patients while empowering physicians by augmenting the current clinical workflow and helping them manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality of care.”

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Date of publication : May 2021