One in four adults over 65 years of age falls each year. For many seniors, falls are the trigger event for a loss of mobility and autonomy. Seniors reduce their activities for fear of falling and lose their self-confidence, which accelerates the decline in their functional abilities. 

The Maccabi Healthcare System wanted to reduce the number of falls in Israel and GaitBetter was part of this project.  

The GaitBetter system perfectly suited for fall prevention and wellness programs. 

In the medical sphere, GaitBetter is used in rehabilitation programs for people with walking problems whose etiology is a neurological or orthopedic problem such as: 

  • Parkinson 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Stroke 
  • Hip and knee replacement 
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment 
  • …. 

GaitBetter added virtual reality to walking exercises on a treadmill. This not only trains motor skills but also cognition. It is personalized, fun and easy to use. It needs limited space, resources and personal. 

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Redaction : Martine Vanschoor et Cynthia Slomian

Scientific direction : Thierry Vermeeren

Reading committee : Karine Soulat, Thierry Vermeeren

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Date of publication : March 2021