Medivable is a startup focused on creating innovative medical solutions. Using AI, machine learning, and data science, the company develops technologies that improve patient outcomes and make healthcare more accessible. Medivable’s product offerings include telemedicine devices, mobile health monitoring apps, and electronic medical record management tools. The company’s mission is to empower patients and healthcare providers with the tools they need to improve health outcomes and make healthcare more convenient and cost-effective.

The solution is designed to provide patients with personalized care and enhance clinical efficiency. Through the collection and analysis of patient-reported outcomes (PROs), the solution enables healthcare providers to gain valuable insights into patients' conditions, enabling them to provide more targeted and effective care. Medivable's solution has already gained recognition from regulatory authorities, with ongoing clinical studies to further demonstrate its medical and economic efficiency. The startup is also exploring new applications for its technology, aiming to expand its impact and reach in the healthcare industry. With a strong financial backing, Medivable is well-positioned to grow and revolutionize patient care.

The company is committed to building a sustainable financial model that enables it to continue innovating in the medical technology space. Medivable is seeking funding from venture capitalists and angel investors to support its development and commercialization efforts. The company has a clear path to profitability and is forecasting a significant increase in its turnover over the coming years. Medivable is supported by private capital and has no debt, positioning it well to capitalize on new opportunities and achieve its long-term objectives.

Medivable's solutions aim to optimize patient care by leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analysis tools. The company's algorithms enable healthcare providers to collect and analyze data on a regular basis, allowing doctors to prepare for consultations more effectively and identify potential issues before they become more serious. In cases where patients experience abnormal health developments, Medivable's algorithms trigger an alert that prompts a rapid response from the care team. By optimizing care in this way, Medivable is helping to increase the quality of medical consultations and improve patient outcomes.

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Medivable's user-friendly platform allows physicians to easily monitor and analyze patient health data, enabling them to quickly identify and respond to any changes or abnormalities. Through this efficient use of patient reported outcomes (PROs), physicians can better prepare for consultations and provide more personalized care. Medivable's platform aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing an innovative solution that optimizes the patient-physician relationship and improves health outcomes.

Medivable's digital solution enables patients to be closely monitored and provides them with a sense of reassurance and control over their health. By collecting and analyzing patient-reported outcomes (PROs) on a regular basis, patients can easily track their progress and receive timely feedback from their healthcare providers. The solution is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, empowering patients to take an active role in managing their health. With a strong focus on patient-centric care, Medivable aims to enhance patient satisfaction and improve overall health outcomes.

Context and Need

Using AI, machine learning, and data science, Medivable develops products such as telemedicine devices and mobile health monitoring apps to empower patients and healthcare providers to achieve their healthcare goals more conveniently and cost-effectively.


Facts and Figures

In its first year, the company partnered with several leading hospitals and healthcare providers in France and attracted significant private investment. MEDIVABLE is currently conducting clinical trials and plans to seek certification as a Class 1 medical device. The company has several hundred patients using its platform, with plans to expand further in the future.


Team and Inner Circle

MEDIVABLE, a digital health startup, has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the medical field.


Digital Solution

MEDIVABLE has achieved significant milestones, including partnerships with leading healthcare providers and successful pilot programs in several European countries, and is committed to advancing its mission of improving the lives of patients with chronic diseases through technology.


Value Proposition

MEDIVABLE targets healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, and individuals seeking to improve their health and wellness. The company's AI-powered healthcare solutions aim to enhance patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase access to healthcare services. MEDIVABLE's main advantages are its use of innovative technologies, personalized care, and commitment to working closely with healthcare providers.


Business Development

Medivable operates globally and is focused on making healthcare more accessible and convenient. The company is currently active in multiple countries and is continuously looking to expand its international presence by collaborating with international partners and adapting its products to meet local market needs.


Use Case at a Glance

Medivable provided an electronic medical record management tool to a regional hospital to improve patient data management and communication between healthcare providers. The tool reduced administrative tasks, improved patient outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. Challenges encountered during the implementation included resistance to change from some healthcare providers and the need for customization to meet specific needs. Medivable provided training and support and worked closely with the hospital to tailor the tool to their workflows and requirements.


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