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Moovcare®, a digital solution that has proven that close patient follow-up via a weekly questionnaire can reduce the risk of late detection of symptoms indicating lung cancer recurrence and thus improve the survival prognosis of these patients.  

Dr. Denis, an oncologist in Le Mans, France, has begun to work on a patient questionnaire combined with an algorithm that allows problems to be identified before they get worse. 

In 2014, Sivan Innovation took over Dr. Denis’ development and launched a study on Moovcare® with the objective of validating that patient survival. This study is actually prolonged thanks to this digital monitoring compared to a traditional monitoring. 

The results of the interim analysis presented at the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) congress in 2016 were so positive that the study was prematurely stopped: Moovcare® users live almost 8 months longer than patients benefiting from the classical follow-up including regular consultations and scans.  

The application has received a favorable opinion for national reimbursement and the price negotiation was finalized in June 2020: it will be reimbursed at the price of €1,000 per patient/half year for the next 3 years.  

Recently, BMS medical representatives have been presenting this digital therapy to French oncologists. 

Today 100 patients use it, spread over a dozen hospitals in France and around thirty doctors. 

We interviewed a 71-year-old patient who has been using Moovcare® for 9 months and he confided to us that the application reassures him, he feels he is supervised by the medical profession. Every Monday morning, he answers the questionnaire, it takes him 5 minutes maximum and for him the most complicated thing is to remember his code! 

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Context and Need

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the world with 6 million deaths per year.
At least 75% of relapses are symptomatic and there is no standard follow‐up or guidelines.
Moovcare® is a tool that has proven to be effective for early detection of symptoms indicative of lung cancer recurrence without being a burden to the patient in his or her everyday life.


Facts and Figures

Key dates


Team and Inner Circle

Core Sivan Innovation Team
Scientific publications


Digital Solution

Moovcare is a digital therapeutic that uses a weekly questionnaire to detect relapse or complication during follow-up of lung cancer patients.


Value Proposition

Early Customers
Advantages & Differentiators


Business Development

The model chosen for Moovcare Lung® is that of reimbursement by the local Social Security systems in France and Germany, so that neither patients nor doctors have to bear the cost of the solution.
International Presence and Expansion
International Deployment Strategy


Use Case at a Glance

Returns of the project with the Marie Curie Institute.


Redaction : Karine Soulat

Scientific direction : Thierry Vermeeren

Reading committee : Cynthia Slomian, Martine Vanschoor

Layout and graphics : Véronique Toussaint, David Renquet

Date of publication : November 2020