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The originality of the 150SoH project lies in the creation of a composite index of technology disruption and use cases. We have tried to create a tool that is clear, readable, easy to use and at the same time can reflect the complexity and interdependence of the different dimensions.

By analysing 15 to 20 indicators (depending on whether the solution is used only by healthcare professionals or also by patients), we have a global view of the technology. We are interested in the viability of the company producing the technology, the changes it brings about in practices, its level of maturity and its degree of acceptability to patients and/or healthcare professionals.

If this first analysis seems interesting to you, do not hesitate to contact us. We can go further with you in the analysis of your solution through :

  • Additional and more specific indicators
  • An interview with your management team
  • Interviews with your users (healthcare provider and/or patient)
  • An overall disruption score with comments per dimension

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