Underlying Scientific methodology

Scientific human assessment

Based on three years of extensive research into e-health solutions and their effective impact on healthcare, our unique methodology relies on the evaluation of more than 50 data points subdivided into relevant categories.

This evaluation is executed by certified and trained experts who capitalise on their own experience of e-Health to leverage our methodology in their information gathering.

Your input, and optionally the input of patients or care professionals, collected through a series of detailed interviews, forms the foundation of the analysis, completed by extensive research in the available documentation.  

4 (and soon 5) dimensions to be explored

  • The “business model” dimension measures the soundness of the business model that supports the marketing of the solution.
  • The “solution maturity” dimension measures the level of maturity of the solution in the innovation life cycle.
  • The “change in practices” dimension measures the innovative or disruptive nature of the solution – independently of its acceptability to professionals or patients.
  • The “user experience” dimension measure the level of quality of the experience for professionals and patients induced by the proposed solution.
  • (coming in 2024) Sustainability will be examined as part of a sixth dimension to evaluate the contribution of the solution to the sustainability objectives of the healthcare sector.

Four-step simple approach

Step 1

Obtain a first high-level evaluation of your solution – totally free and without obligation, by engaging in a rapid online self-assessment based on our methodology. This will give you a first insight into how your solution compares to others; it will also give us an indication that your solution is likely or not to be among the top e-Health solutions featured in the 150SoH list.

Accept a contact with one of our experts and, once you are convinced, initiate the process with a simple agreement that will protect the confidentiality of your information and secure the next steps.

Step 2

The interviews will be conducted in person or through videoconference and walk you through a list of questions that you will have prepared in advance, using our detailed step-by-step guide. It should not take more than a couple of hours if prepared adequately.

Any additional material information you share will be used with great care and contribute to the quality of the analysis. Anything confidential is completely safe with us. Anyway, you only share what you want to share.

Step 3

Based on the results of the interview, the expert will use our scorecard tool to analyse and further refine the input into the scorecard that is ultimately computed by our exclusive algorithm.

Thorough peer review and quality control mechanisms are in place to ensure the highest possible quality in the produced results.

Step 4

The scorecard of your solution is then published on the 150SoH platform, provided its overall composite score is higher than 50%. It is there visible for all members of the international community and features a detailed analysis of your solution according to the 4 (soon 5) key dimensions.

But this is only the beginning. After a first discussion of the results with one of the representatives of the 150SoH core team, you will be offered ample opportunities to further leverage this label : in joint marketing, in advice, in knowledge sharing, in participation of community events, etc. Get a glimpse of the vibrant life of the 150SoH community by visiting our LinkedIn Page.