At a Glance

Only 3% of new e-Health solutions get certified and only 5% are still used after 6 months. How do you get your share of a $235B market ?

150SoH is there for you. Receiving the 150SoH label sets your solution apart : assessed and scored to appear in a select portfolio of the top disruptive e-health solutions in the world. Investors and hospitals consult 150SoH to identify the solutions that will feed the e-Health landscape of tomorrow : a library of technological use cases covering the entire spectrum of the Health Continuum to address disruption needs in healthcare.


The 150SoH label was created in 2020, at the onset of the COVID crisis, in order to contribute to the international effort to fight the pandemic. Our contribution was to create the first catalogue of eHealth solutions to be used in this emergency context. It was an immediate success and many of the featured solutions have been effectively used and integrated in the global community of healthcare institutions.

Our revolutionary approach to assessment was – and still is – centred on a deep dive into the capacity to improve practices while providing an enhanced experience for care professionals and patients alike. Building on that, we rapidly developed our scientific approach to expand the scope of the database to cover all the sub-domains of e-health and include in our assessment a thorough evaluation of the economic capacity of the company behind the solution and the maturity of the proposed innovation.

Today, dozens of solutions are selected each month to be assessed by one of our experts, and a healthy portion of them obtain the 150SoH label. We are currently expanding our network of experts through an exclusive training program to increase the number of assessed solutions.

What it is

As a process

It starts with answering a few detailed questions in a live interaction with one of our experts through a scientifically designed interview script. It then flows into the computation of your solution’s individual scorecard. The result is presented to you and valuable suggestions are shared with you on how to best take advantage of them. The last step is the publication of your scorecard in our database – if your solution gets high scores.

As a result for e-Health solutions

For a startup, a scale-up and more generally for any company bringing an e-Health solution to the market, this is a formidable opportunity to stand out while receiving invaluable insights into what makes their solution great and what would make it even better.

As a result for healthcare

For any decision-maker in a healthcare institution, the ability to identify, with a simple label, the solutions that will effectively improve the performance of care and the experience for the patients.

Who we are

150SoH is a label developed by OZ Consulting in collaboration with the community of the Patient Numérique. For the last 15 years, the Patient Numérique has been the international community of French-Speaking Leaders in Healthcare Digital and Green Transformation, organizing dozens of community events and seminars each year. OZ Consulting is a global consulting firm, operating on 4 continents and focusing on healthcare transformation, modernization of organisations, digital and green transformation, innovation strategy.

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