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Coming from 10+ countries, we present the top 150 digital health use cases with a detailed analysis of their potential to transform healthcare

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Unleash Your Digital Health Solution's Potential

Uncover its true potential through our scoring process. Let 150SoH propel your startup's innovation into the spotlight of tomorrow's healthcare landscape

Why is it a must to be labelled?

Stand out as a disruptor in healthcare and boost your market penetration

To be identified as a best practice in healthcare

To be visible in 10+ countries

To be introduced to hundreds of healthcare decisionmakers

To benchmark your product

Unlocking the future of healthcare innovation

We have built a normative framework for formal analysis of the of the disruptive potential of healthcare solutions. It took a great deal of research, synthesis and analysis to develop this method, the related technological tools and the algorithm that calculates the final score obtained by the scored solution.

Exclusive Business Model Canvas for Health Disruptors!

Elevate your eHealth venture with insights tailored just for you! Access a personalized Business Model Canvas, crafted by our experts. This exclusive resource, crafted by our experts, provides a strategic roadmap uniquely adapted to the challenges and opportunities of health disruptor businesses.

What's Inside:

  • Customized Template for Health Innovation
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Optimal Use
  • Actionable Insights to Drive Your Success

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